Starting out mining

So I want to get into mining, but I am just trying to test the water and see how it all works. So I set up a simple GPU miner, not expecting to see much happen, but am trying to figure out how the whole payout and mining thing works prior to investing real money. So my RX470 has been running guiminer script mining coins in a pool for three days with the receiving address set as the one listed in my litecoin wallet.

My question is…
When do you see any activity? Surely going to be slow on a GPU but after three days and nothing.

Does the coin percentage automatically get sent to a wallet or does it take a while? I just want to make sure its all working together.
what does the user name and password get used for? There is no username or password on my wallet, just the Guiminer has a spot for one.

The pool is

First of all, and I am seeing this a lot as I assume with BTC’s popularity rising as well as other alt coins that there would be newer people getting into the game.

But I am not sure who is telling people to mine scrypt with GPUS as that is utter madness. If you are mining in a pool AND guiminer is giving you shares - its working and will be paid for them, Some pools have a min limit before you get coins out like 0.01 - but I dare say they wouldn’t even be worth the time or effort with gpus- or you are not submitting any shares at all… If its been 3 days then yeah. Most pools will tell you how much you earned.

How about providing more information like what pool you are mining on and a screen shot of the miner working and submitting shares.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m not really too worried about the whole GPU mining thing as I am only doing it to see if eventually I can move something around. I’m not doing it to actually expect a valuable payout or something, but I needed to start somewhere.

I don’t think its doing much of anything and would likely take years to get a coin. Basically, I just am trying to figure out the movement of the coins and proper setup before investing in an actual miner (assuming its even profitable anymore)

I don’t really know what the process is doing, probably a hoax, but it says detected new block a couple times a minute.

If you look at the top you can see my ltc address and the pool its mining in. If I go to the pools website and view the graphs, I can see there is a little activity, so at least I know its communicating.

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Ahh I see whats happening,

You are on a P2Pool, basically you are all solomining until you find a block - and any resulting shares will be paid retrospectively. Its ok, but if you want to see payouts and be paid per share )PPS) then join or whatever it is.

Looking at your screen shot - the detecting new blocks that pops up is perfectly normal, its basically saying Yep you are on the network - someone found a block - will update accordingly. You wont see share submitted/accepted until it does accept it. I mean you should still get some shares submitting.

Try another pool like litecoinpool and see how you go. Work restarts are fine just means you didnt solve that calculation and submit it in time before someone else (faster connection/asics) beat you to it.

I hope that helps.

What video cards are they ? as you might have more luck on other coins that havent had asics made for them yet and its still “fair” to mine

They are just AMD RX470 cards.

I was actually going to ask what a easier coin to mine would be?