Starting a miner farm

Hey guys so i have this thought of starting a miner farm with other peoples hardware and i would set it up for you
basicly i live in a country where electricity is super cheap
so anyways :smiley: good idea or not?
How many of you guys would be interested in having your miner hosted somewhere?
idk really what i would charge for it though but what would seem fair ? monthly fee ? or % of profit ?

what do you guys think?

start your self a “cloud Mining” website like

also nicehash lets you do the same type of thing…with them you can sell the contract and use mice hash to host the farm…then you wouldn’t even need equipment…

or you can develop a simple app that people can download that looks like nicehash and have it point hardware where you tell it to…any idea to make money by offering a service to the convenience of others is a good idea and determination is the only thing holding you back…i say go for it regardless of what the haters think cause if anyone discourages you from making money its cause they didnt think of it first…

myself though I own my own equipment and mine myself so I can host everything my self…so its not something someone like me could use but there are more than enough people out there who cant run their own equipment…

you can also sell mining contracts…people are doing this on ebay and selling pretty good from what I see posted all the time

Majority of miners have trust issues like me…I dont even trust that the pool I mine for is paying me 100% of what the y say I am earning…for all I know when i finally get a solo operation going Ill be finding block more often than I am being connected to such a busy server like a pool…server traffic can be a major problem for lots of incoming connections trying to mine the same hash…depending on the server and internet connection speed form the service provider

how cheap is cheap?

uhm well really cheap lol, Iceland man, Geo energy :smiley: