Sports Memorabilia, Music CD's, Mens Shoes

Hey guys, I’m trying to unload some low ticket stuff for Litecoin or any common altcoin. People at flea markets only want to pay a dollar for anything that’s $5-10. So I figured I’d make more selling for cypto currency and just ship it the stuff out.

Listed some stuff on OpenBazaar 2.0, but migrated most listings over to Coinsen to avoid being paid in BTC since the transaction fees add up to around $2.50. Forcing prices rise too high to compensate.

You could buy direct off Coinsen or pay me Litecoin or an altcoin directly to my wallet.

If you want a buy a few sports hats since I got multiple different ones for some teams let me know, I can combined shipping. Also can do international (not free shipping) if Canadians want those Toronto Raptors Hats ect.

If you guys want an escrowed transaction since I’m new. I can look into one of my store moderators doing a multi sig Litecoin transaction. Coinsen automatically does escrowed transactions btw.