Spending Litecoin

On the official page of Litecoin.com (SPEND / BROWSE MERCHANTS / eGifter) it shows a few places that ONLY take Bitcoin. My question, do I need to convert Litecoin to Bitcoin to spend them, or since addresses are same just use the Litecoin on egifter using the LTC address [even though it says BTC]? (This info should be posted everywhere and yet I don’t see it anywhere) Thanks in advance J-

don’t send LTC to any Bitcoin address, you will lose the coins and not get the item you want to purchase.

if the web only accept BTC then you best option is to exchange for BTC and then use on the site.

That would be my point. Why is a site where you can not spend litecoin (but can spend bitcoin) listed as a place to spend litecoin?

error on their part, or thy I’ll support or lazy web dev…

be careful, double check everytime