SOS Innosilicon a4+ won't mine other pools than

Hi all,

I will be very happy and will appreciate any help on this issue.

After I got my miner Innosilicone A4+ it took me about 1 month to make it work… IP problems. Anyway. I am a woman and not so tech savvy.

I made it work last week with but cannot make it work with other pools.

I read all instructions about passwords and so on, but the miner does not accept blank for password, and if I put any password is not working neither.

Please help.

Thanks in advance!

truth be told …right now the best pool you can mine IMHO is

so you are golden…you can manually get coin or let it ride up to 50 LTC

it is free pool (not 5% pool) and you get 2% bonus too boot

just saying…I have 7,300 mh and this is the pool to mine on right now…for scrypt-pow machines (LTC)

anyway…no need to rush off to something else IMHO

This was bit Chinese to me. I think that it is not worth it to mine on because it mines 0.003 LTC in 5 days. Isn’t this a very very small amount?

The rate you earn LTC is a function of your hashing power. For example, @Searing’s 7300 mhs will earn about 0.64 LTC each day. If all you’re earning 0.003 LTC in 5 days, it’s probably because you’re using a Gridseed or something older and slower. In that case, it’s probably not worth it to mine on any pool.

My bad it is 0.03 but anyway…

Is this the speed?


Also, I am using the Innosilicon A4+.

Yes, that does not look like an A4+ or at least not one functioning correctly. Each of the 4 chains inside the A4+ should hash at about 150 MH/s and you’re only getting 87 MH/s. That looks like the speed for an Innosilicon A2.

Can you take a screen shot of your machines console (i.e. go to It should look like this:

Here it is:

Looks healthy, what should up under Pools? Is reporting any stale shares? Invalid shares? When did you last upgrade your firmware.

I did upgrade it maybe 10 days ago. I do not know where to look on for those reports :frowning:

It says no invalid shares. All is on 0.

What’s your network setup look like? Like where is the ethernet cable plugged into?

I had to crate new account cuz I reached the replays for 1 day. OMG…

I did make the screenshot of the pools in the first post. I turned the damn thing off.

Sorry for my English. Yes. In my case, I replaced the power cord. All indicators should be green. The voltage must be set automatically. as in my instructions. If you did as I wrote. Should work fine. Often. The problem of speed. This voltage. A standard password on pools (“x”). It is enough to write one pool.

Do you mean the power cord of the PSU?
I did upgrade yesterday the firmware from the innosilicon site and the speed went up to 101 Mh/s and then 5 min later dropped down to 80k kh/s again :frowning:

Oops. I edited the message. I hope you saved the instruction.

Thank you for the advise.

I didn’t have time today and a new PSU is not that easy to get.

P.S your English is OK. mine is not better :wink:

Thank you for your feedback. Any problem for technical problem you can send email or add Skype We will try our best to help you asap. Thank you.