Sooo the new wallet version

I have been running an unomp instance for a while as a private pool (basically “solo” mining for my friends and myself) and I upgraded to the new ltc wallet and now it does not seem to be mining at all … other coins on the pool work fine, but ltc is doing nothing. the pool will try to process payments as usual, but no shares, no connections, no workers, etc… does anyone have any idea what I am missing here? went from .14.ish to .16.whatever the latest is. Something fundamental seems to have changed just can’t figure out what so that I can work on fixing it. ALL ideas are… well let’s not say welcome exactly… sacrificing goats for example… but I’ll listen to any ideas… not going to say that I will follow the advice (see example above for why) :slight_smile: Thanks in advance for any help.

Are you getting any error messages? Usually if nothing’s happening, it’s not on. If everything is on and you’re pointing miners at it, something will be logging.

With out seeing logs, no one can help you. If it is the case that things are on and you’re observing “it does not seem to be mining at all,” I suspect it’s the fact that the difficulty is so high for LTC (vs. scrypt coins like Gamecredits) that it’s working but you’re never going to find a block. So it looks like it’s not working. How much hash power do you have?

went back to older wallet version, and it worked out fine, hashing power would not have mattered in this case,(I.e. 2khs would have shown even if it never had a chance to find anything) it had to do with the getinfo changes and when the pool tried to reach the wallet it assumed the wallet was dead.