Some question about LTC WALLET

I have register a wallet since 2013/11/6 but i think after one month later i already no touch my wallet until now .

i need help from all the veteran here . here is my question

  1. What should i do if i want to sell the ltc in my wallet because until now i not yet open the wallet because at my parent home

  2. if i forget my passphrase is it able to retrieve it back or cant ?


1- You should backup the wallet, install the latest version on another pc… and them restore the old wallet there. (dont even open the wallet on the old pc).

2- If you dont have the passphrase, you cant send the coins anywhere. You will need to guess the passphrase or get some service to crack it for you.

if need direct help with the first point, let me know… for the second point there are some other users that know how to work with that.

thanks for your prompt reply ,

so i now i need to just go to my wallet there and set back up even no need to wait all the update done because currently now the wallet its on my ex girlfriend laptop there and she never open it she told me today . i just need to tell her direct click the backup wallet and the sent file to my email and i just set a new account at my own laptop . its that correct ?

you can open the wallet and use the backup function…

But if I where you, I would back up the wallet even before opening it, for that you need to copy the “wallet.dat” file,

how to back up the wallet if no opening the apps ? can you teach me ? will be grateful if you able to help me with that .

msg your way.