**** Solution for biggest security problem of pow, 51 attact, Safe Proof of Work ****

This is new and best consensus algorithm.

Solution is basic, the new consensus algorithm Safe Proof of Work, blocks will have a two hash block, and miner select from random, first hash mining or second hash mining. this is changed all mining proccess. And add into the hash, the merkle root of the blocks of the blockchain the miners wants to add. If first hash blocks merkler root not equal second hash blocks merkle root, all nodes and miners restart process.

If you want to know more, you can check the my github repository. (github/onuratakan/SPOW ) I published with mozilla public license.

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Welcome. I have checked your repository. Proof-of-work, as it is today, is working fine for the bigger networks. I see that you are full of excitement, but be careful, because that might work against you.

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Hello, thanks, you are right standart proof of work is good work at big network, but small blockchain is verry efected from 51 attact, attackers stole millions of dolars from small blockchain, this consensus algorithm substantially prevent the attact. We need many experts to better understand whether this algorithm works or not, so I invite you to share.