[SOLD] Selling Antminer L3+ (504MH/s) with PSU

Hi Guys

I have one Antminer L3+ (504MH/s) with PSU to sell.

The Antminer L3+ (504MH/s) was bought about 2 months ago and is going fine.

Some crazy people selling them for 6000$ and more…!!!

I understand that selling for high price would be crazy ,since than u will buy from Bitmain and wait for your Batch

I’m selling my Antminer L3+ (504MH/s) for just 1.25 BTC or 80 LTC as I calculated.
Personally i want just to get even from Investment (two months ag)o and the Selling (now).

This Antminer L3+ (504MH/s) is in Stock , so no Waiting Time.
The Antminer L3+ (504MH/s) will be shipped from Austria ( EU ).

I prefer BTC as payment, just as I paid Bitmain two months ago.

If u are interested, Place your Request via Email or mail me and we’ll sort out further details.

Email: niktorb77@gmail.com

I only have 1 machine.

"I understand that selling for high price would be crazy " haha and still selling at twice the buying price. Save the sweet words and just sell at the price you want to sell.

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where are you shipping from?

I am shipping the Antminer L3+ (504MH/s) from Austria ( EU )

Is this unit still available and will you ship to US?

Question was answered in the Reply Mail to your send Mail and yes Shipment to US is available.

Is it still available?

Unit is sold.