So i have a question!

Where can i earn more litecoins? Any legit Website, I would be so glad if someone helps me out, Again not new to Litecoin but i am always interested in Litecoin so far. I Don’t know but there is a spark in Litecoin that keep me getting into it. Thank you.

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First learn everything about Bitcoin. Practically everything applies to Litecoin. Once you get why BTC is important, understanding the small differences between the two will be simple. Start with understanding BTC. Aantonop is a good starting point.

Edit: I might have misread the first sentence. You can earn litecoin with any type of work, if you find someone who is willing to pay in litecoin.

The Litecoin Foundation has a vast section of the website dedicated to education:


You can also put it into DeFi or CeFi like Celsius to earn interest on your LTC.

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Alright thank you guys.

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