Should i put lot of money into it?

what the max that you would pay for litecoins at this moment ?

and should i put lot of money into it ? how many LTC should i buy at least ?

and do you think the price will go down to like $30 $45 again ?

1- 300~320
2- you should put as much as you don’t mind losing.
3- I don’t think(hope) it will go this low… unless something big happen against crypto currency in general.

i only have 1 LTC at this moment, so do you think i should buy more at this price now or wait for it to go down a bit then buy some more?

imho I think LTC will go up, but if you want to invest, you have to come up with your own motivation to ride the ups and downs.

You’ll probably find people on a forum to be quite bias as we like the currency and believe in it. You should do some of your own research and then only prepare to invest as much as you are willing to lose. Remember the potential for these currencies is $0 to $100k. Its a very volatile market.