Shops accepting Crypto

Who knows of Shops accepting Crypto?

Even if they accept only Bitcoin.
I know there is a Prestashop Binance Module.

Fire away

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I accept crypto in my business.

It should be noted pretty much every commercial payment system converts crypto to fiat.

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thx a lot, a list would be fine

Yep! I definitely agree. I love Litecoin as well and will definitely invest in it in the long run. Got a little bit of info with a couple of articles from learncrypto, reference and info https: / / /knowledge-base/how-to-trade-crypto/simple-crypto-trading-strategies

Better take that link of, in the litecoin forum there is no need for an external site in how to do crypto.

Yes, you are right. these companies are accepting crypto payments. In the future, many small and large scall businesses also should integrate crypto payments.

To know Why Should Businesses accept Crypto Currencies as Payment read this.

I was thinking more of smaller units, like your shop around the corner but its a start.

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