Shapeshifting into Litecoin Core wallet

Hi there,

I’m new to litecoin. Can someone walk me through the process of converting bitcoin to litecoin? Do i use the address that I get when I click on the ‘receive’ tab and ‘request payment’? How long would the transaction take to appear in my litecoin core wallet?


yes your “receive address” is how you receive coins and “send to” address is how your send them…btw no address comes up anyway when you click send so I don’t really understand the confusion…play with and explore the software before you just give up on it…a lot of times reading the screen and not just clicking download boxes help too

read this and try again

Thanks for the reply.

Sorry, I realised I have phrased my issue quite badly - essentially, I used, hoping that I could exchange some bitcoins to litecoins.

I followed the process: for my litecoin address, I used the address that was provided by my ‘Litecoin Core’ wallet, under the tab ‘receive’, and the address that popped up when I clicked ‘request payment’. For the ‘bitcoin refund address’ i put the address of my bitcoin wallet. I then went to my bitcoin wallet and transferred the bitcoins to the address that provided.

After waiting for a few minutes, I was told my payment had gone through and the bitcoins have left my account. The page told me that my litecoins have been sent. However, nothing has appeared in my Litecoin Core wallet. The shapeshift page offered a link to see the transaction on the blockchain. When I click the link, only an error page appears.

It has been 2 days since I made this transaction - I am worried that I did something wrong in the process, since my litecoins hasn’t appeared, and I my bitcoins have been deducted from my wallet. I used shapeshift on recommendation from others in the forum and am hoping I haven’t been scammed. I have opened up a service ticket, but haven’t gotten any replies from the staff.

I hope this clears up the situation somewhat, and hope someone might be able to clarify futher.



you cannot send bitcoins to a litecoin wallet…you have to trade them for bitcoins then send bitcoins to a bitcoin wallet or litecoins to a litecoin wallet…you need to cancel the transaction and make sure you have litecoins sending to litecoin

Hi, I understand. That’s what I thought that this shapeshifting service is supposed to do - allow the exchanging of bitcoins to litecoins.

they do so you’d exchange you bitcoins for litecoins on shape shift and use your shapeshift litecoin wallet to send them to your pc