Shapeshift order says "awaiting deposit" But Blockcypher shows my Litecoin has been sent and spent

Hello, I’m having an issue where I attemped to exchanged Litecoin for Reddcoin using Shapeshift. I’ve never had any issues with Shapeshift until now. I sent my litecoin to the correct address that Shapeshift provided and the status on my order ID has stayed at “awaiting deposit” for the last two days. However, it’s confirmed on Binance that my Litecoin was sent. When I look up the address that Shapeshift gave me to send the Litecoin to, BlockCypher shows the amount that I sent from Binance and it shows that my Litecoin was spent. Here is where is gets tricky. The transaction ID provided by Binance shows a Litecoin input that generated 51 outputs - one of those outputs is supposed to be mine, but my amount and address are completely missing from the list of outputs. The transaction ID says “51 outputs” and I counted only 50 in the list, mine isn’t there. How is that even possible? I can provide the addresses and transaction IDs if there is anyone who can let me know how this could have happened? The Litecoin has been spent but Shapeshift claims it’s still awaiting my deposit. HELPPPPPP

Then the problem is come from shapeshift you have to show them the proof on it