Sent my LTC to exchange and... HELP ;s

Well, I did it yesterday, 16h ago …

Sent 0.6 from my wallet (the software from to the exchange (mercadobitcoin). Then I decided to give a look at Blockcypher to check things up… well the transction seems ok (420+ confirmations) … the adress is right… then I decided to check the adress and for my surprise (and despair) its balance is it 0.0000 … but it has 0.6 ltc as received and 0.6 ltc as SENT. Wtf? Please tell me its a bad joke :frowning:

ID Transaction: 51b4fc3165e1101ba3372dfcac6b56ec0d3eb1a7437f2196567fa01ac62d70f4
Adress: LP3H1HCLeQu5n8wzDb8M1pdfxgPZuHrQof

hmmm, y en la página a donde mandaste los LTC, no tienes balance?

nops… still 0… maybe its just a delay?

it was just a delay, thanks god hah