I accidentally sent the ltc coins from coinbase ltc wallet to a btc address.
While sending the ltc coins there were no verification or notification happened for cross currency adress.

Now on coinbase the status is showing as “completed”, however the ltc coins are not transferred to btc address?
I am looking for any help in recovering thise ltc coins. Any sort of help much appreciated.

Doesn’t it get rejected? Maybe contact support?

I did Reported this to Contact Support.
Their Reply-
Digital currency transactions using blockchain are irreversible. if the digital currency sent from coinbase account to email address by accident and remain unclaimed for 30 days it will be returned to my coinbase account. If the email address has not been already been claimed, you could do so ensure the funds are returned to you.

i don’t understand the last statement about email address not been claimed?
How can i claim that address to ensure funds are returned to me.

When you send with your email address, the bitcoin remains in their system hence why it would be refunded.