Sent LTC from Poloniex but TRX ID not on blockchain

Hello everyone.
Last night i tired to send my 4.something LTC’s from my Poloniex account to my Bittrex wallet.
While on Poloniex it says that the transaction is complete on Bittrex i see nothing.
Plus, the transaction ID that Poloniex is telling me (e89d70284911a097bbbe8801b50dd0d453cd1f4c9acb5c2291fc2ab67d652138) does not exist on the blockchain.
I already opened a ticket to support but still no answer (more than 24hrs).
Did anyone ever experience something like that?

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Yes this issue exists on LTC network since yesterday lots of users have pending transactions, I haven’t heard much from LTC team just rumors that’s something is wrong about mempool configurations… so I’m waiting as well