sent by mistake from LTC wallet to BTC

sent by mistake from LTC wallet to BTC.
The money is gone, but where? can they be returned ?!
Since there is no such wallet in LTC

I am very sorry to hear that. I do not really know whether this money can be returned. I am going to keep my eyes on this thread if anyone comes out with a solution. I need to know as well.

It depends on who owns the BTC address. If it belongs to you, e.g. it was generated by your own hardware wallet, then it is possible to recover the LTC coins.
If the BTC address belongs to an exchange, then, due to their security protocols, it is very likely that those coins are lost.

LTC and BTC addresses can be similar or even the same, doesn’t mean that whoever have that BTC address also have that same ltc address.

Sadly, you just gave your coins away, sent to an address that is exactly the same that a BTC one.

Hope it makes sense.

Keen to hear how this turned out?
I didn’t think there was a way to recover…

The owners are the same. In the background LTC uses the same addressing as BTC, that’s why you can send LTC to a BTC address. If you generated the BTC address e.g. with a hardware wallet, then you can figure out, how to get to the equivalent LTC wallet. It is not trivial, but possible. I know, because I had to this a few years ago to recover my LTC from an address that was equivalent to the BTC address generated by my hardware wallet. It was a useful lesson, for sure.


there is no way to return ltc

Sorry to hear this
Following to see if you get any results

I think this is lost bud. Hopefully wasn’t a massive amount.

Hello mate
How may I be of your assistance with your transaction on Litecoin?