Sent 46 LTC to Changelly provided bad LTC address, Transaction stuck

Hi Litecoin Support,

I need help in retrieving my 46 LTC that I sent to a bad address that Changelly told me to pay to, for conversion process.

I sent it to this Changelly provided LTC address: LhnNyijgd6TS9vd4dbBBNL6XgWdAy374FK

However checking the LTC Block chain you get the following:

“Address not seen on network”

My LTC Core Wallet transaction log shows:
Status: 0/unconfirmed
Date: 5/22/2017 17:45
To: Changelly 46 LTC to BTC LhnNyijgd6TS9vd4dbBBNL6XgWdAy374FK
Debit: -46.00 LTC
Transaction fee: -0.008 LTC
Net amount: -46.008 LTC
Transaction ID: 4fb0ea53f8fc345726cecd3ceacd93da06979471d2e5c6a27dcdbe7dfdcef9b1

The response from Changelly is this: Dear, our apologies for the delayed answer. Unfortunately your payment doesn’t exist in blockchain. That’s why nothing happened on exchange. Please, contact your Litecoin wallet support to check payment.

You can read full thread on here:

Changelly has “wiped their hands clean” and will not help me.
Can Litecoin support help, reverse this transaction so I can get my 46LTC back ?
Is it possible to get my 46 LTC back?

Thanks in advance,


You state that there are zero confirmations which indicates to me that you are utilizing an ancient wallet. Try upgrading to the latest version. Then right click on the unconfirmed transaction and cancel.

I’m surprised that Changelly support didn’t know enough to suggest that is the problem. That said from their point of view the money never showed up, That clearly isn’t their problem. If it’s not on the blockchain in their opinion you never sent the LTC.