Send litecoin to bitcoin address - Not yet redeemed

Could you please help me with this transaction ID :

No you actually sent it to LTC address 3HvhrJLyrkdYsiwLtFs3Vbz6ZXm8pGudDe, it’s there and can be seen on the blockchain. 780 confirmations when I looked.

Unless you own that LTC address or the person who you intended to send it to owns that LTC address there is no recovering it.

Yeah, it looks like. In fact 3HvhrJLyrkdYsiwLtFs3Vbz6ZXm8pGudDe it’s my BTC address. That address doesn’t exist in LTC blockchain.The operation will remain redeemed forever.My wallet, shouldn’t let me send to an invalid LTC address.
Actually, i wanted to exchange an amount of LTC through and send it the BTC account, but somehow i made a mistake.