Selling one Antminer L3+

I have one L3+ to sell.
I bought two L3+ about 1.5 month ago, One for my use and one to sell to cover my own machine
Since I’m new to mining I am selling one so I will be covered if mining won’t be good
I saw that people are crazy and selling for 6500$ and more…!!!
I will get mine between 20-30 of this month and I see that now bitmain sells batch for end of September?!
I did the math and I understand that selling for high price is crazy since than u will buy from Bitmain and wait…so
I’m selling the second one for just 1.5 BTC…it is about 80 LTC as I calculated so, If u buy from me and get it around end of July (depend of Bitmain shippment…) So you will start mining in August and in two month u will start earning money with this machine but if u order now from Bitmain you will start earning in 4 month…
I understand that there is the difficulty issue and the LTC value so…it’s better to start mining today, right?
I will only want BTC as payment, just as I paid Bitmain almost two month ago… (I paid 1 BTC per machine since it was 1790$ per BTC then…)
If u are interested, just email me…and we’ll sort of the details…
I have only 1 machine so…

I am only interested in L3’s when they are finally delivered but message me when you get it and I will buy it if I still have the money at that time…