[Selling] KNC-Miner Titan - 350Mhash


I’m selling my KNCMiner Titan. It was working some months ago, but I didn’t tested it the last days. I’ve some bits at 3000-4000€.

Just asking for a higher price here, because most people know the high ltc price and it should go higher.

Just contact me at fetter2k at web.de - EU/RU buyers welcome

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If you have bits at 3-4K sell it asap !!! There are miners out there now with much higher hashing rate, lower power consumption and at less than half that price. And since KNC went bust if any spare parts are needed it will be close to impossible to source them. So my advice is if you have such offers sell it asap.

Well, I can fix them :slight_smile:

Haven’t looked into fixing L3 miners yet, but we shall see.