Selling antminers have large stock in storage

What’s up litecoin fanatics I’m selling antminers for a reasonable price, $500 over manafacture value. I have L3’s S9’s and A4’s. Prices vary by machines. I’m willing to sell 3 L3’s and 5 s9’s and 1 A4. If you need proof of the machines I can provided I will ship with one day shipping not gimmicks or scams. Pay me and it’s done for, I’ve been noticing people getting scammed on here so I came and tried to sell legitly and make a name for my self to protect the community. I only accept litecoin and at this time I don’t accept escrow but will in the future when money’s not a problem

Haha ■■■■ off scammer! I don’t accept escrow well then you are a scammer period! Dosent matter if you are or not by rejecting escrow it automatically makes you a scammer in the eyes of the people so good luck selling ■■■■ on here

Why are you going around calling people you don’t know scammers? What the ■■■■ did I do to you?

Honestly, I come on here to sell. I simply said I won’t accept escrow until money is not a problem. I have no way of proving the person is legit or trusted for escrow

Oh ■■■■ ok, for a second I thought why am I being attacked now. Anyways good luck with sales god bless!

You kept the reply? Why are you doing this?