Selecting an IPv6 node as primary on Litewallet

Hello everyone.

I tried to connect to a node on an IPv6 address.
I type the address between square brackets and it gets rejected right away as if it were not a recognized valid IP address.
I wrote to litewallet’s help desk but they could not offer much help, even pointing out they didn’t see any IPv6 peers on their litecoind instances.

Has anyone tried connecting litewallet to a node with an IPv6 address?

Sorry for replying to my own post. I gave a look at Litewallet’s source code. The problem is over at app/src/main/java/com/breadwallet/tools/util/
The isValid(String input)method rejects all IPv6 addresses, and both public static String getNodeHost(String input) and public static int getNodePort(String input) methods can not handle IPv6 addresses correctly.
I updated all those methods and added some auxiliary ones in PR #185 to get the talk started.

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