Segwit Address Not Valid

Hi guys!
I’ve been developing a Litecoin wallet website for the past month or so. It is really interesting and fun! But I’m having a bit of a problem. I would like to turn my wallet into one that gives users segwit addresses right out of the box. To my understanding segwit addresses on Litecoin start with an M. I see these kind of addresses on block explorers as well.

I’ve tried to turn my normal Litecoin address starting with an L into a segwit address. This is possible with the command ‘addwitnessaddress’ followed by the Litecoin address. It returns an address starting with an M. But when I enter it in a block explorer, it says it is invalid.

The legacy Litecoin address: LKpF6eaeeqZm8eYVeeWvhN1PxRXUpPcYtR
The segwit Litecoin address: MDajyEMUJZM4VmCekocJP9WNMvH3Mz7F1f
The private key (in case you would like to test it yourself): T8yfFqeE9cU5eSpAw5enGTErRVGN2AuuWqrn3JSfrVygbTcwqC6a

Does anyone know why this segwit address is invalid?


maybe the explorer you are using is not ready to work with segwit addresses,. it works on

That’s weird. When I go to chainz(dot)cryptoid(dot)info and just look into a random block, it shows M addresses like this one:

But when I enter my own M address, it doesn’t get recognized?

I checked a transaction on two different block explorers:

  • chainz(dot)cryptoid(dot)info/ltc/tx.dws?18293722.htm
  • live(dot)blockcypher(dot)com/ltc/tx/5876410367ee96f6dfda5365e8155660bc480e23036784b182f32ec5e4c23e70/

On the first block explorer it shows M addresses, and on the second one it shows 3 addresses. Is it exactly the same? It does work with this converter: litecoin-project(dot)github(dot)io/p2sh-convert/.

When I take my LTC from an exchange, the exchange says the M address is not valid. But when I enter the 3 address equivalent of it, am I able to spend it?