Scrypt Mining Boom

During the reign of the KNC Titan and after several dark years of almost no new development or innovation at all, large sums of money are suddenly being invested into new scrypt mining hardware. Innosilicon and Bitmain have invested big, and it would be a huge shock to see others not follow the money trail.

The sudden peak in interest is very obvious, but what are your thoughts on what caused this?

Can a case begin to be made for the downfall of hardcore bitcoin elitism?

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It comes down to the bitcoin asic mining scene being reduce to a few main players that control the majority of hash and chip supply.

The only other asic market big enough worth going after is litecoin so they are turning attention here for more profit. What I hope that means is that the price will also follow this peak of interest :wink:


Gotta agree here, with Bitcoin mining becoming overly saturated it’s all about diversification. Investment/Innovation for LTC isn’t an inherently bad thing but will signal the end of the “home mining” days.

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