Satochip - An open-source Litecoin hardware wallet on a smart card

Satochip - Hardware wallet on a smart card

As a reminder:
Satochip stands for Secure Anonymous Trustless and Open Chip.
Similarly to your bank card, it is a javacard applet that can be used as a small form factor and secure hardware wallet. The project is fully open source and BIP32/39 compliant.

Satochip is proud to release its new version of the Electrum for Litecoin client.

This version has a lot of improvments:
*Support Satochip applet v0.12
*Use pysatochip v0.12.3
*Support card authenticity verification
*Support card label

Compared to v0.11, v0.12 applet adds the following functionalities:
*SeedKeeper support
*Card label support
*Support for encrypted seed import from a SeedKeeper
*2FA can be disabled using reset2FAKey() without reseting the seed
*Reset to factory support (using the FactoryResetTool application)
*Support for personalisation PKI: allows to verify card authenticity based on a device certificate & PKI

Sources: github - Toporin - electrum-satochip - releases - tag - LTC-v4.0.9-0.12
Announcement: twitter - SatochipWallet

So far Satochip is not supoprted natively by the Electrum for Litecoin project. Any help is more than welcome.

Get your Satochip Litecoin hardware wallet at our webshop.