Sale and construction of real estate in Thailand Koh Samui for cryptocurrency

Dear users.

We offer services for the purchase and construction of real estate in Thailand on the island of Koh Samui for cryptocurrencies.

Our company sells, as well as builds highly liquid and profitable housing to order. Up to 10% ROI per annum. The main focus is on the opportunity to invest in the real estate market using cryptocurrency. We help to arrange all the necessary documents and pay for the property itself. We are not interested in the origin of funds and conduct a clean and legal transaction.

Anonymity of the buyer and protection of his confidentiality.

Licensed builder. We will advise, select or develop real estate individually according to your parameters.

A licensed agent will study your needs, offer suitable options, and talk about the pros and cons.

The team is ready to meet you, conduct a tour of the facilities, tell you about the local real estate market. We also accompany the client directly when concluding a contract with a real estate seller and a state registrar.

We assist our clients in obtaining visas, opening companies, buying cars, boats and other things.

We will advise and help you realize the option that is right for you.

If you have questions about how a foreigner can own property in Thailand, here is up-to-date information, we help with everything.


You can view the houses in 360 ° format at the following links:Сhandra_villas_phase_1/

Telegram \ WhatsApp: - +79502291451

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Your offer is out of touch with the way the world is going. It’s 10+ years too late.


Good afternoon. Why? Someone 10 years ago already sold real estate in Thailand for cryptocurrency? Tell us who, we would like to cooperate with them.



Its means laundering crypto into registered fixed assets like real estate, while remaining anonymous, is a delusion. You are some years too late for that.

To quote your original post:

I suggest you have a better chance resorting to more traditional methods:

We do not launder money. We are builders and sell real estate, but we are not interested in where the money comes from, we will accept any, but this does not mean that we are engaged in laundering. From our side everything is legal. If you have a business, ask, but there is no time to just chat. Thank you.

This is a chat forum. Its what we do here. You chose to come here so don’t complain.

I’m not complaining, this topis was created for those who are interested in buying real estate. I think that for those who just want to chat there is an appropriate topic.

And I thought only Thais may own real estate in Thailand…
So you actually own the real estate on behalf of your investors, is that correct?

If you are willing to do this type of work, that I see as a consultant. You may not remain anonymous in order to preserve the anonymity of the one that are hiring the service.

If not, there is no guarantees at all.

Yes, we do.

I’m not anonymous, I’m just sending out this work account. If someone is interested in the offer, he will contact the person in charge of sales, he will be provided with any information that he asks. Possible tour of the pitchfork, live communication, all documents, legal assistance. We have a full range of services. We are ready to cooperate with your lawyers if necessary. Everything is transparent and legal.

I found this:
Thai real estate laws FOR FOREIGNERS

There are a bunch of articles on this which can be summed up as non-citizens can not own land. Same in the Philippines.

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Real estate is registered in the name of a company that becomes the property of a foreigner. Are you interested in purchasing? Have you lived in Thailand or bought property here? Have a business in Thailand?

If you are interested, I can give the agent’s number, he will tell you everything in detail.

I am locking this thread. The OP joined on 27th January and his history on this site shows no contribution or engagement beyond this promotional thread.

The offer may or may not be of interest to the community, but on the balance this is not what this forum is intended for.

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