Runescape economy

Does anybody think it would be theoretically possible to get Runescape to start using Litecoin as an actual currency in there game or as a payment method at least? I’ve heard of some 3rd world countries gold farming in the game for real world money as the currency in the game tends to be more stable than their own countries currency and even earn more money this way than doing odd jobs around where they live. I could see this actually helping people in countries like this as Litecoin tends to be a more stable currency than some of these other countries currencies and Litecoin has the volume to allow them to transact between the two currencies without high fees.


I like your idea. I need to learn more. LTC with its low fees could be used for many projects like you mentioned.

Could you tell me more of what you are thinking?

I like to read individual ideas from creative people. Maybe their are good developers on here that could pipe in?

Esports-oriented people or other gaming???

Innovation with LTC!!!

Basically you could implement the 2nd layer transactions into the game to remove fees and “peg-in and peg-out” between the games currency and the currency of your choosing. This could be further used in other mmos or any games that have a trading system similar to steams public market. If they look into it I could see not just people benefiting but the game creators as well along with the platforms their games are delivered on.

Why not also other MMORGs?

At least ones that allow you to have an economy with an on-ramp and off-ramp - many don’t like EVE online and WoW - people have work arounds but in many cases the devs and companies behind these games do not want people converting whatever digital ‘currency’ they use in game with a real currency.

Following with interest

There’s possibly a legality issue in this perhaps? I know of video games having million dollar tournaments though. I could see devs benefiting from implementing it as people already find the work arounds on issues like this as you’ve said. They could take small fees to convert out of the games currency and I believe it would attract a lot of attention being one of the first few games to implement an idea like this and possibly a new player base for competitive gaming.

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