Reward of 0,25 LTC for the one who can solve my problem!

On 11-12-2017 i tried to send my litecoins from my old laptop to my iphone wallet. I forget to add the fee because of the old wallet you have to do it manuely. A couple minutes later i saw the transaction on my iphone that is was Pending. This stayed like this for a couple of days. After that it tells me transaction failed on my iphone.

However my LTC coins are gone from my laptop. So what do i have to do now to get back my litecoins?

Here is the adress send to:


The adress send from:


Transaction ID:


Is there anyway to solve this? By for example cancel the transaction, but i don’t see any cancel option in my Litecoin QT wallet, also downloaded the Litecoin Core wallet, both without the cancel option.

To anyone who can solve my problem and get my Litecoins back and on my iphone, i will be paying 0,25 LTC as a reward.


I think you have to install the latest litecoint-core client. Then import your wallet and start with the “-rescan” flag. If this wont help, I think you should be abel to cancel the transaction. The latest qt-client offers you the possiblity to cancel a transaction by making a right click on it.

Looks like:


Cheers XuS

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