Restoring old wallet.dat file

Hi There,

I am trying to import my old litecoin backup file into the newly installed litecoin 0.14.2 wallet
How can I do that?

Thanks :slight_smile:
gil .

You have your wallet.dat file, so you should be able to import that in new litecoin installation.

Do you have problems with this? If so, what is the problem?

Thanks!! got it for the old version of the litecoin wallet
However, it tells me that I need to upgrade- I downloaded the litecoin Core and installed it, but I can’t find the wallet.dat for it. is it the same file or is it in a different location?

Gil. .

you installed in the same computer??

on first open the LTC core app, it ask for the location of the data dir, did you used the default or change it?