Restored litecoin wallet from 2014 showing unconfirmed (receive) transactions (10 LTC reward)

Hi there,

In 2014 I was mining litecoins for a while and have a backup of my wallet.dat from that time. I am able to load it up without any issue, but it is showing (what I believe was my original balance) a bunch of unconfirmed received transactions.

I am trying to track this down and see what I can do to recover any of the litecoins I may have had. Here is a timeline for what transpired:

April 21 - April 27 2014 I mined litecoin with pool which seems to no longer be active. The result was around 300 LTC for the mining that was done and I saved the wallet.dat.

Fast forward to the present and I have done the following to try and determine what went wrong:

  1. Checking the transaction ID in shows that the transaction is not confirmed.
  2. Dumping the hex of the transaction from my wallet is successful
  3. Using a broadcast push (through electrum and also through blockcypher) fails due to “Missing inputs (-25)”
  4. When I used blockcypher I also received further info in the error saying that the parent reference was also not confirmed and may be orphaned
  5. Using this TX ID also shows that it is not confirmed

I have also tried the normal litecoin wallet and electrum, and I have reindexed/rescanned numerous times. If I use electrum and import my private key I do not see any received transactions as I believe these are stored in the wallet.

An example transaction I am trying to track down is below:

Status: 0/unconfirmed, not in memory pool
Date: 1/21/14 20:36
Credit: 5.00000000 LTC
Net amount: +5.00000000 LTC
Transaction ID: f527760e4b6d04c1fdbaa051adbbaf5f9659625c59ebc026ba3b6202c0606d14
Transaction total size: 226 bytes
Output index: 1

raw transaction:

I can provide more transaction details on request. I have a bunch of small transactions as well that I can try to do various recovery tasks for testing (if there is something that might be ‘risky’ but worth trying).

If anyone is able to help I will greatly appreciate it and will certainly reward you for your time.

Thanks in advance.


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Any suggestions or comments? If I am able to get any of this balance back I will send 10 LTC for your help.

I think, I can help you,

send me a msg…

Hi Pedro,

Thank you so much for your reply! I think I am unable to send messages because of the new account, but I can reply to a message in my inbox. Would you be able to send me a message so I can reply?

I really appreciate your help!

Hi Pedro - I have the same extra problem as described above.

Can you help me?

maybe, whatss your problem?

can you post info?