Resources for purchasing Antminer L3+

I am a geek who loves his tech, so the idea of mining is right up my ally. Are there any other reputable sites for purchasing Antminer L3+?

I found this site in particular:

Any thoughts?

not sure alot of scammers out there for crypto markest i finally got one through someone i know personally but if this works out for you let me know ill order one from them to but i think its to good to be true seeing the price

agreed… and look at those reviews from the future. was legit …when bitmain litterally took my miners back that said shipped (eastshore rep said litterally took them off the truck in the lot) when LTC went from what 8 bucks to 50 bucks…and suddenly bitmain had firmware errors and mined the hell out of LTC for 6 weeks…got the miners firmware said Jan 2017)

anyway, they and others involved refunded us 30btc and eastshore rep was beyond pissed off…they also had the same thing happen with their much bigger massed orders

so on a side not expect if LTC were to say go to 1,000 usd…A SUDDEN firmware problem again by bitmain for 6 weeks or more :slight_smile: (bitmain evil is nothing if NOT predictable) (tm bitmain)

anyway, not sure if they get much product anymore but came thru for us back summer of 2017