[Resolved!] My Litecoins don't appear on my my LoafWallet iOS app

Transfer just seems to have gone through and now appears on my wallet! I guess it was just taking longer than usual…but it was pretty scary!

I just saw some same inquiries in here — Send litecoin to the LoafWallet app and it doesn’t show up on the wallet. Is this a common thing? Should I just want for a day or two?

I don’t know how to confirm my wallet is broadcasted or not, but its address is: LdWeWnRa4T5vKQdUwPSphX8koM4GbsKmi3

And it’s not yet shown up on http://explorer.litecoin.net/
How can I get my wallet on the network in the first place?

Maybe I should just sit and wait for a while? sent out my litecoin from my bitFlyer account, so I sent an email to bitFlyer to ask if they know anything about a case like this.

Please let me know if you know what I need to do besides staying calm.