Rescue BTC-E litecoins


In 2013 I bought some litecoins on btc-e. com. I noticed this website is down by now.

I found a e-mail from 11/2013:
"Dear (my login name),

We received a request to withdraw 25.87814001 LTC on purse Lh2x1hcGiRnWJRwGdfJP26sB4zw8j54e6m
To confirm the transaction, go to: (Removed link)
To cancel a transaction, go to: (Removed link)
IP: (my ip address)
Login: (my login)

Regards, Administration of BTC-E. COM"

On I found this exact same transaction. Does this mean it still is in the wallet of btc-e? Or is this my external wallet it is transfered to?

I sent a message to the support centre of the new exchange (WEX. nz). I got this automated reply:
“Hello! We informed in the news that we don’t possess historical data on transaction and orders of the old platform, that’s why we cannot approve or deny your words about funds deposit. The funds were credited to the new platform in the amount shown in your profile. During the period after BTCE closing and before WEX opening, all transactions were fulfilled out of control of the old platform as well out of control of the new one.”

In my profile I got 0.00005462 Bitcoin and 0.00005462 Bitcoin Cash. Thats all… It’s worth about 1 USD.

How can I get those litecoins that still are on my address?

Thanks in advance