[Request] BIP38 decryption code

I have a paper wallet from ~7 years ago which is locked via BIP38 encryption.
I recall 90% of the password, but I am left with around 10K possible passwords.

I have generated a list of all these passwords, but I am currently unable to find any code that can decrypt the BIP38 encoded keys from “liteaddress.org”.
To check that they can decode, I made a new encrypted test wallet with a password I know - and check if it can be decrypted with external code. I tried a few Python variants, but none are able to decode the test wallet.

The decoder in liteaddress.org is written in near unreadable javascript code, which makes injecting code for automation a pain in the ass.

Any help will be rewarded, given I am able to decrypt the address.


looks like you might have to recover the password with something like hashcat…password “decoders” don’t work very well in experience…If you don’t have the ability to use hashcat…I usually charge around.10 LTC per hour of running my GPU to recover passwords for bitcoin / litecoin core wallets