Report: + SCAM

A user on the bitcointalk forum reported that they have been scammed by Playbetr and Betcoin. According to the post, the user had been betting on sports, mainly basketball and football, on Betcoin for almost a year before discovering Playbetr, which had higher limits. The user deposited around $7000-8000 in total on both sites, all in BTC. After winning bets, the user tried to withdraw 0.65 BTC from Playbetr and almost 0.21 BTC from Betcoin However, the user’s accounts were blocked for no reason, and they received an email from both sites accusing them of fraudulent actions.

The user uploaded their KYC documents to both sites, and their accounts were verified. However, the user was still unable to log in or access their accounts. Playbetr and Betcoin claimed that the user had engaged in fraudulent activities, including syndicate play or participating in collusion with other players, match fixing, late betting, and more. The user denied these claims and said they had only been betting on NBA bets, which is one of the largest markets in the world and impossible to cheat on.

Playbetr and Betcoin ignored the user’s emails and live chat messages, and the user reported that they had seen similar cases happening to other players. The user stated that they were willing to pay any amount of money or do anything to get their money back and take legal action against Playbetr and Betcoin.

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Crypto loves being near gambling, trading, (different kind of gambling). Shady businesses in an area abundant.