Renewable robotic centers?

Creating robotic centers that do automated tasks like move packages, food, etc. made to use renewable power sources and with any excess energy produced could be used by Bitcoin/Litecoin mining hardware. Trillion dollar idea? Elon? Jeff?

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I know jeff is already on it but what about the food industry?

I write this with the uttermost respect for you and completely void of intentions for confrontation: You probably live in a first-world country. Even if you live in a country like that, there are other issues that are more relevant right now and in the time span of ten, twenty years.

Robots are probably not that useful for regular people. They are specialized, require specialized maintenance, and their cost only pays off when their immense productivity offsets it.

I’m also of the opinion that non-renewable fossil fuels are acceptable. I also like plastics, which require hydrocarbons from oil (if you read a Chemistry book from the last year of high school, you might see how much is possible to do). If the emissions of CO2 are actually that big of a problem, they can be offset with carbon capture (planting trees somewhere else, feeding plankton with iron).

The abundance of wealth that you see everywhere was largely helped by coal and fossil fuels, due to their increased low-cost. We should be more grateful for that.


I do think non-renewable fossil fuels and plastics are acceptable under certain circumstances. But this doesn’t mean I vouch for every use is made of them.

Also, the so called “renewable” like hydro-power plants and wind-power can be awful to the environment and can make more damage than fossil.

The abundance of wealth is surrounded by poverty and environmental damage. I don’t think we need more plastic bags, more aluminium cans wasted, more resources used as futile as they are used right now. But I do think medical prosthesis and airplanes are useful.

To clarify my opinion, the fact that I personally like drones, doesn’t mean that I like the kamikaze drones that are being deployed on war right now.

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Highly likely that society crumbles before that. Even a WW3 is probalble.

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Kinda like what Texas just did with their power grid though. But expand more on that with peak time energy supplies in other locations and using miners to absorb all excess energy essentially.

Any of invented for nowadays renewable power sources cannot produce the amount of energy which is needed for such a project. They can but it will be much more expensive to build such a system than to use nonrenewable sources

We thought electric cars weren’t really that feasible for the masses yet until a few years ago.

It can be challenging for this project to get on board. With the situation globally right now, I don’t think this is worth talking about, at least for a few years ahead.