Remote access to KNC Titan Miner needed ~ will pay 0.6 litecoins per day

I am looking to remotely rent a KNC Titan scypt miner. I will pay you to provide remote access and allow me to mine. This is for a research project and will probably not generate a profit. I will be mining a variety of scrypt coins including litecoin.

I can pay in advance 0.6 litecoins (OR equivalent bitcoins) per day for access to your Titan, assuming it is capable of 300mh. We can adjust this up or down if the hashrate is different to 300mh. This payment rate is almost double what you would receive if you were to mine litecoin at, so this represents an excellent way to greatly increase your earnings.

I will be respectful of clock speed / voltages and will stick to whatever you think is safe. I probably will not need to adjust these at all.

I would need remote access on port 22 and port 80 to the miner so as to be able to access SSH and the http web interface. You would need to assign an IP to your miner (such as and open these ports via your router. I can explain how to do this if necessary.

I can pay your coins in advance. I would pay daily at first then perhaps weekly once trust is established.

The miner would need to be undisturbed for the duration of the research. You would be paid in advance of each mining period.

To anyone who thinks that this is a ‘scam’, please be aware that I intend to pay in advance for the mining. Obviously I will need to feel sure that I can trust you before I can do this. There is no possibility for me to scam you here. This is a straight offer and the terms should be fairly clear. There are online services allowing mining rental, but this does not suite the nature of the research I am doing. I need SSH access to detailed statistics, and the hardware must be KNC Titan with the latest stock firmware installed.

Please PM me if you are interested.

Many thanks

Hey there i have 2 KNC Titans here and willing to help ya with ya experiment. feel free to email me to talk more.

kind regards