You guys should redirect here instead of it just landing on the dead old forums, and move the archives to and just have a post here linking there.

That will move some of the traffic that still goes to the old forums here, since most people have no idea about the new forums unless they are on reddit.

BTW hello old litecoiners :wink:


The problem is, is ran by the LA, while is ran by Xinxi (who is also a Core Developer of Litecoin). As far as I understand, the Litecoin Association is still discussing bringing back the old Litecointalk.

Otherwise Xinxi would have used the old domain.

The LA has done nothing with those forums for months, including offers by me and other community members to get them back up. At least Xinixi got something up thats working. The LA team should be behind him and give him access to that domain.

It was embarrassing enough for the community that the hacked forums were down for months, and does not help anyone if that main domain everyone knows to go too still directs to a website with β€œWARNING. This forum was hacked.” as the main text.

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i would like to get your Alche_FPGA_v2_flasher.svf file from you for my mat hashing boards.
sure i will donate if you send me your adress.