Recovering Old Wallet


I have an old litecoin-qt wallet vereson v0 8.7.1-beta, it’s on an old Mac that no longer works. If I download a new Litecoin wallet on my Windows PC, will I be able to transfer the coins in the old wallet? Any help is greatly appreciated.

assuming you have a backup…install the newest version of litecoin from for your device

now replace your wallet.dat file in you application support folder with your backup and rename it wallet.dat

app support folder on a mac is located here:
/Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/litecoin

now start litecoin-qt and let it sync…dont do anything until it is finished syncing

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m gong to install the new wallet on a Windows PC, take the old .dat file from Mac, will that be OK?

yes just make sure to save your backup on an external flash drive or something so you can copy paste into your C:/Users/(Currentuser)/Appdata/Roaming/Litecoin folder on your windows PC

you may need to “view hidden items” in your folder options to see the App data folder

Ok great, I’ll try that.

as long as you have your backup and don’t delete your externally saved backup your good…MAKE A BACKUP AFTER EVERY TRANSACTION!!! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. ALSO MAKE A BACKUP AFTER EVERY TIME YOU CREATE A NEW ADDRESS!!! ALSO VERY IMPORTANT!!!

you can reinstall the software 10000 times on 10000 different computers with the same backup and the first wallet to spend the coins is the only valid transaction…
coin’s in that instance would be viewed as spent in every wallet…

same instance diff scenario…create 1000 copies of a paper wallet…give them out to 1000 people…first one to spend the coins using a wallet to broadcast a new transaction sending the coins to a new address is the only valid transaction…

I tried but it didn’t work. I copied the wallet.dat file but, after replacing the one in new wallet downloaded on PC it didn’t work. Is it because on my old wallet I have not synced it for a couple years. The Mac is old and internet doesn’t work when I try to connect it.

Make sure you delete the wallet.dat file in the application data folder first…then paste your backup in that folder…and rename it wallet.dat

There can only be one wallet file in the folder and it must be named wallet.dat…if not…it just makes a new one