Recovering litecoin

Hello everyone. I purchased litecoin November 2013. When I went to look at it in 2016 the balance showed zero. Is there a way to recover it, Has anyone had luck recovering their litecoin from previous owner.

what kind of wallet did you use? if its an online wallet then no

all u need is the private key for the address and as long as there are coins attached then you’d just sweep using your private key…you can also check the balance of any public address or transaction at or any other litecoin block explorer

most online wallet don’t allow access to private keys but if using correct litecoin software such as a core wallet then you can recover your coins yes

Thanks for the reply bakd247. I have a wallet identifier number but I cant remember what wallet I used. ill try and see what I come up with. Thanks again

what if you have your wallet and your private keys but forgot the password, any way to move to another wallet and access?

yes…you would have to use something like hashcat to recover the passphrase…however the key would be to import the private keys into a key manager such as qt and then have it create a backup hash that hashcat would solve…basically reverse engineering…
try using a qr code generator…just type the private key into it and create a qr code then use a 3rd party wallet to sweep the private key…after that if the passphrase is still needed then you can crack it after it has been swept as if it were a paper wallet

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thanks, i’ll try that