Recovering LCC From Ledger Nano S - 100LCC reward for correct info


I have managed to recover my private keys from the seed words that the Ledger gave me when setting up the device, however, i cannot get the Litecoin Cash Core wallet to display the balance. The litecoin core wallet also doesn’t display the transactions i.e the LTC in and out after the fork block.

The steps i have taken so far are:

  1. My LTC was on my Ledger in a SegWit wallet during the fork block (MT7zNDMGgt8vg…)
  2. After the fork remove all coins and tokens from the Ledger to a new Ledger with new seed words.
  3. Used BIP39 - Mnemonic Code tool to derive the Segwit address and display the private key for the above address (m/49’/2’/3’/0/0 - MT7zNDMGgt8vg…)
  4. Copy and past the corresponding private key to this address to the LCC core wallet.

The private key starts with T7 and is 52 characters long.

No coins appear in the wallet, i have done the same for the LTC core wallet and get nothing as well (i should see the transactions???)

When i follow the same steps but with a non segwit address the LCC/LTC core wallet will show the transactions in and out, as i moved everything to segwit a wile back all of the legacy address are empty during the fork block.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

100LCC for anyone whoj can help me recover my LCC

LCC Core doesn’t support segwit addresses

Do you know how i could recover the LCC from the segwit address?

100 LCC for anyone who can help with this.

I can’t believe that’s the only fucking answer they gave you, dude. You told them you used a non segwit wallet as well. Fucking chumps.

Hola @skinner,

I’m sure I can help you to claim your LCC.

  1. Import the Private Key using “importprivkey YOURKEY” at the debug console
  2. Let it rescan, leave it alone
  3. Generate a receiving address (File->Receiving Addresses->New) and copy it
  4. In the debug console, do “addwitnessaddress copied-address”

Please let me kwnow if you need further help, I’ll be glad to do it.
Feel free to ping me Privately.

Please send 100 LCC here:

this hasnt worked

Please provide detailed error messages or symptoms.

It would be even better if you provide screenshots to troubleshot.

no error message, the P2SH address has been added to the list of receiving addresses but no LCC is in the wallet

i have spoken to pooler about this and he could not solve it, neither could the LCC devs (where you got your solution from), i think i’ll just wait for the update to core .0.16.

Thank you to everyone that tried to help!

I’m going to copy the convosation i had with Tanner the LCC dev earlier today so i dont get accused of finding the LCC and saying @mautematico method didnt work just so i didnt have to pay the reward.

From the LCC discord with Tanner.

skinner - Today at 17:49
Hi, i had my LTC in a P2SH address during the fork block, when adding the PK to this address to core it displays no LCC. Any advice? 100LCC reward. The LTC address is MT7zNDMGgt8vgEXJQPtYTKieZizmhKJ5w7
Tanner - Today at 17:51
Hi! Firstly, no reward necessary. I think we have a 50/50 chance of recovery in current wallet, but if it doesn’t work now it will in 0.16 – it’s the same situation with the Litecoin wallet when it comes to importing P2SH PKs.

  1. When LCC is fully sycned, import the PK using “importprivkey YOURKEY” at the debug console
  2. Let it rescan, leave it alone
  3. Generate a new receiving address (File->Receiving Addresses->New) and copy it
  4. In the debug console, do “addwitnessaddress YOURNEWADDRESS”
    Let me know how you get on :slight_smile:
    skinner - Today at 19:34

    addwitnessaddress CSyH9eYcShzy7bqeRYyckQc2rYG17zrUJX


the MT7 address is where to LTC was during the fork but there are still no LCC in wallet
Tanner - Today at 19:36
Is your wallet fully synced? Absolutely agree that’s where your LTC was during fork (Litecoin address)
And it’s encouraging that it picked that up correctly
skinner - Today at 19:37
yes that is the 1001 LTC
so very interested in the LCC as it is quite a large amount and i am thinking we will see $15+ LCC in a week or two
yes the wallet is synced
-rescan doesnt seem to work
Tanner - Today at 19:47
very unfortunate :frowning: I think you may have to wait for 0.16. Can I ask which wallet the P2SH was generated with? I’m having pretty good success with Ledger(edited)
skinner - Today at 19:48
it is the ledger wallet, i am using the BIP39 tool to derive the LTC address and PK
m/49’/2’/3’/0/0 MT7zNDMGgt8vgEXJQPtYTKieZizmhKJ5w7 03515e27336dbd2374da8314773b559789f138dbdf389be55a247584c565beac7c T7J
(T7J - 1st 3 characters of PK)
core has added the MT7 address to its list of receiving addresses …
it seem like we are very close…
Tanner - Today at 19:52
it really does
just helping with an exchange integration will be back asap
skinner - Today at 19:53
no prob and thank you!
skinner - Today at 22:06
Any idea when 0.16. will be released?
Tanner - Today at 22:22
Not 100% sure – will check litecoin roadmap at some point