Recovering encrypted wallet from old Mac

Greetings and thank you in advance for any and all help!

I recently dug out my old MacBook Pro that had my Litecoin core wallet on it. I updated the OS, downloaded the new core wallet and synced back up with the blockchain. The old wallet shows my balance that I verified on a block explorer to still be there. The new wallet does not have a balance, but it does display my old transactions.

I cannot seem to locate the new wallet’s location. I had found in the forum’s it should be under ~/library/app support/Litecoin but there is no Litecoin folder there. I tried creating one and inserting the backed up wallet.dat file, but that didn’t do the trick. I hacked around in the console, but it’s a bit beyond me. Any help or tips would be very much appreciated at this point.

I initially attempted on a Windows machine with the backup, but I was running into the same issue of not finding the new wallet’s location. The wallet is encrypted, but I have the passphrase I created. So I can’t just open the file to get the private key, but there must be a way to decrypt that using the passphrase on a different program, right?

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if you have the old wallet.dat file - just get the private key for that/those addresses and sweep them into a new wallet.

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Part of the issue I’m having is the wallet.dat file is encrypted. Do you or someone else know how to decrypt it? I know the password I created for it, but I haven’t discovered a way to decrypt and view it.

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there should be a command for the console, if I recall correctly it is walletpassphrase “passphrase”

or something like that.

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I think this did the trick! Thanks!

You need to set a time in seconds too. After it’s unlocked, then you need to use the dumpprivkey command. The address in my receive wasn’t the same as what I found in the block explorer, and it was a different private key. That surprised me. By the time I found and copied the address on the block explorer, the 600 seconds I set had expired, resulting in me getting an unknown key message at first. That made my heart jump until I realized I needed to unlock it again.

I’m still in the process of importing the key to the updated wallet. I’ll post a final update hopefully soon.

depending on what wallet you used initially - for example the core wallet would (unless you told it not to) generate a new address with each transaction and thus a different private key. This is set when you decide how the wallet treats “change” you can specify the address or allow it to do so. If you allow it to do so, every transaction will essentially be to/from a new address with any remaining balance going to the change address.

It might also be possible that the wallet file you are looking at now is an older one and may not be the one with funds on it. The reason I say this is that the address you see on the block chain with 7LTC should still be a valid address as well.

When all is said and done, you may still be missing funds if that is the case.

Did you check the new address on the block chain?

I was thinking that the public addresses were generated from a single private address. I think that might be the case now, but maybe not with old wallets?

Anyways, after running into a few more hiccups, I finally have full control of my coins again. In the end, I was able to load the private key into an electrum wallet. For whatever reason, the core wallets I had installed on my old Mac and windows were giving me pop-ups saying basically the blocks weren’t loading. I didn’t screen cap or remember, because I was too tired and frustrated at the time. I was also disappointed that Litewallet on mobile didn’t give the option to sweep a private key string that I found.

Thank you @Mopar_Mining for responding and pointing out the command that enabled me to get my coins back under my command!

glad I was of help!