Recover funds sent to wrong address

When I copy and paste an address from binance it changes I didnt know see so now I sent my litecoing= to the wrong address? Is it possible for me or anyone to access the address or will the litecoin be gone forever?

You need to contact binance support to solve this.
They have all the private keys to all your addresses.
Nobody else can do it.

If this is true, than you have big problems, because you must have a malicious software on your computer that has access to your clipboard and changes the address. Until this is solved do not even think about copying private keys or passwords on your computer.
If the litecoin moves from the destination address, then you are probably the victim of the malicious software and not much you can do.

binance said they cannot do anything, they said it is my fault for sending to wrong address.
its only binance addresses that change when I copy them, all of them not just litecoin, plus it has been a few days now and my litecoin is the only balance sitting in that address so if it was malicious software would it not change other plat
form addresses or would they not have taken the litecoin out or added more litecoin besides mine?

It definitely is your fault, but they have the private key even for the old address.
So they can recover the coins.

It’s not an old address it’s the address I get everytime I select my address and copy and paste it. Happens with every address on binance, and my P2P doesn’t work plus many other problems withy binance account but binance keeps saying they cannot help me because the address does not come from them but surely it must be generated by them, otherwise why can I copy and paste an address from any other Waller or exchange and it is correct.

oh, then you lost your coins

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Because probably you have a malicious software that recognizes that you are copying an address from Binance. I have heard about these but never met any victims of them. This is why two extra steps are always recommended before sending crypto: check the copied address and send a small amount first.
I’m sorry to hear what happened to you, and I must agree, it seems, that your coins are lost.

Im sorry to hear about this.

Just to help avoiding this scammers: Binance before withdraw shows all the TX information and ask for an EMAIL code and SMS code.

You have to check if the TX is OK before writing confirmation codes. If a virus change the destination address when pasting it, you will notice there and do not confirm the TX.

It will be interesting if you can record your screen when this is copy and paste problem is happening.


does not allow me to upload videos

Well, you can upload in other site and share link (youtube, even google docs)

You can upload to if you prefer a more private solution.

ya well obviously maliciousness somewhere from the start hence why i wanted to make it public. otherwise i keep things private for this reason. if i don’t meet you personally or have personal friends or you will live call me or or you wont show open wallet i wont trust, i don’t care if you binance, elon musk litecoin talk.

thats probably why you lost your coins