Recommendations for U.S. Exchange to purchase Litecoins

Looking for your recommendations for a simple but releable exchange. I live in the U.S. and am new to the whole crypto currency scene, and want to buy Litecoins. I have a loafwallet on my Iphone, but nothing on my pc (running win7 pro). I registered with coinbase and tried a purchase yesterday, received a msg that purchase was successful, then immediately a msg that stated the purchase was cancelled. From that point on, coinbase asked for a series of id validation including didgital images of my drivers license which I provided. Msg followed that said could not read my images (looked fine to me). Anyway, i wound up deleting my account with coinbase. Perhaps I screwed up by entering my loafwallet address into the initial purchase transaction; I dunno as I did not fully understand the purchase procedure (was I to xfer the coins after the purchase to the wallet ?).

use a better camera to take the picture of your id…had the same problem and was only able to get a good quality image using a good web cam or good digital camera…unless you have a 10 megapixel or better camera on your phone…a phone wont do the job

Thanks friend, really didn’t think of that and will give it a shot; hope it works.

I am living in US as well, using Coinbase and i feel there are the best in this field but try to buy throw Gdax which is the same company but without commissions when u buy.

Good Luck

Thanks Sam. Was wondering if I could buy direct from GDAX. Still watching charts for entry price point.

you can make direct wire transfers to gdax…

A Mongolian exchange IDAX is quite large and trustworthy. This exchange works around the world. It supports numerous coins and has quite strong security. You can read about IDAX here.