Questions about MWEB?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to understand how MWEB works. I’m not a computer scientist and not very technical user so it’s not easy… If someone could help me. I have tons of questions.

If we take an example on mwebexplorer (block 2355990)

  1. If I’m 10… how would you explain or define me the following terms:
  • Peg Ins
  • Peg Outs
  • MWEB Kernels
  • MWEB Inputs
  • MWEB Outputs
  1. I thought MWEB was Confidential Transaction + Coinjoin. When I see MWEB Inputs (1) and Outputs (3) from block 2355990 does it mean it has an anonymity set at 3? If that is not the case how do you an idea of the “anonymity set” like Wasabi or Samourai on Bitcoin? Can you see it technically?

  2. On each transaction, there are an MWEB Amount and MWEB Amount Change. The amount is always increasing and the amount change looks like the amount of LTC used in MWEB transactions. I thought it amount were hidden in transactions so what’s are these numbers?

  3. It seems not many users use MWEB, does it have an impact on the privacy? Which one? If there are only a few users that are doing coinjoins, you have no privacy at all with MWEB, have you?

Thanks in advance for you answers!

Here’s a good technical article on MWEB that may help answer some of these questions.

Thanks Millaliraj for your answer.

I have read the articles and it answered most of my questions.
But it was a bit technical. I’m not sure I have always understood correctly.

I have still one thing I do not understand.

If I “Peg In” with a specific amount (let’s say 13.12 LTC) and one day later I “Peg out” the 13.12 LTC. It’s easy for an observer to have an idea who used MWEB and to make a link between the addresses. It kills the whole privacy? I’m missing something?