Qortal Project - now supports LTC with local wallet and cross-chain trades with QORT (more coins in the future.)

The Qortal Blockchain project - a completely from-scratch blockchain built to be infrastructure for the future world… in phase 2 of its launch plan now…

Just released version 1.4.0 of the Core and UI - with native BTC/LTC/QORT wallets, and DIRECT cross-chain trades with LTC!

This is the first fully functional fully decentralized cross-chain market in Qortal, with our new ‘PRESENCE’ tx, that shows only sellers with online nodes, so that the cross-chain trade transactions can be completed every time.

There will be other coins listed and supported, and will utilize QORT as the base pair for cross-chain trades betweeen multiple coins.

(edit - it is telling me I can’t post links… qortal dot org is the main website.)

The above picture is from the testnet prior to mainnet release, but shows the 3 local wallets in the Qortal UI…(edit, I can’t post links or pictures… that’s annoying.)

The Qortal project is capable of much more… at the moment we have completed ‘Q-Chat’ fully decentralized blockchain-based instant messaging… totally free utilizing a specialized chat transaction that never confirms, so it is instant and disappears after 24 hours by default (until we do further local caching on the UI side to allow messages to stay longer). The chat transaction allows free messaging by utilization of a memory-hard PoW algo to send the chat tx, as opposed to a tx fee.

There is too much information for me to post it all here… but join our discord today and get involved in the Qortal Community…

Everything in Qortal is done with localhost only communication, NEVER any centralized aspect in any portion of Qortal.

Join Qortal Discord here - (links can’t be posted from my new account… go to qortal . org to get discord and download links.

I am a legendary member on bitcointalk, but I can’t share the link for that either.

Hope to see you all in Qortal!


Thanks for this detailed piece of information, it seems quite interesting.

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