Promo video contest now on Youtube + LITECOIN GIFS

Hru all?

I won the second prize for the LTC marketing material organized by @Lite_Diss.
First, thank you all for the votes and congratulations to the 1st prize winner @fredericomba

I originally posted the video on Vimeo but following a request by @Jf7788, the video is now available on Youtube:

Additionally, for the past 2 month or so, I have designed a series of GIF for the LTC community. Please, check them out here:

My Twitter handle is (@)Imajinn_mind. I accept requests for GIFs to promote Litecoin

My best to everyone


Thanks for posting. Is there a way to post gifs over here?


U mean posting the Gifs themselves in the forumLitecoin_Check_List
I can post them all like that one by one if it is not considered spamming the forum

I think it would be great.

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And it would be nice to have some for the 10th anniversary.

I really love GIFs.

Already working on it

Tough to post all my Gifs on the forum. Upload is limited to 4mb. My files are heavier. For some i can re encode. For other files, its gona be hard.

I can make a zip all of my Gifs ready to dlow on my google drive


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Animated GIF-downsized_large

I have uploaded on my drive a .rar with 7 more Gifs I have designed for the LTC Community. Again limit to post on the forum is 4mb.
Otherwise u can visit

Thank you


Really nice work. I like it! I’ll keep you in mind when we need some animated artwork for P2Pool over at


Another Gif I designed today.

@Lite_Diss …We have got to celebrate 10 years

Here is a still from the Gif
LTC 10 years sshot

You can view, Dlow or retweet the Gif from here:

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New Gif
Here is a still from the Gif
You can view, Dlow or retweet the Gif from here:
[baby yoda screenshot


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This GIFs definitely could win the GET YOUR IDEA OUT OF THE PAPER AND WIN 3.5 LTC! #LITECOIN Hands-on Campaign - Deadline: August 31