“Litecoin mining “

Hey folks, anybody have experience with mining Litecoin on ? I am currently mining using Antminer L3 + and using. C=litecoin. Was wondering if that is the most efficient way to do so? Also my first choice was to hookup to as my Future Bit Apollo has been mining there with no problems but I am having a heck of a time linking up the Antminer to it, status is “dead” any feedback is appreciated :metal::owl::black_heart:

Figured out the issue, but still interested for any feedback on prohashing .

I know this is an old post, but I mine LTC at Prohashing. If you are going to static mine Litecoin only, save yourself the fees and mine on litecoinpool as they actually payout at 108% right now with zero fees. If you do the same PPS share mining at Prohashing, you’ll be paying a 4% fee.

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I hear ya, yea, I decided to go with the Litecoin pool and have no complaints, they’re solid​:metal::owl:Ł

I alternate between litecoinpool and viabtc pool - I use the Doge to give to my grandson who loves Doge (he mines with Apollos so very small on the mining scale) and he likes getting both LTC and Doge.

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